How can my business benefit from working with Elite?
Among the other huge benefits of joining a group of highly motivated people with common goals, Elite provides small business owners with access to informational and other resources aimed at helping its members to grow their businesses, break into the federal contracting arena, and promote veteran-centered interests.

How do I join Elite?
To join, visit our Membership page. You can also contact President at [email protected].

What kinds of events does Elite host?
Elite SDVOB Network hosts a national convention that attracts hundreds of businesses and government agencies from across the country. At the chapter level, we also host monthly meetings that bring our members together to share in a forum that centers on SDVOB issues, in addition to special informational and networking events held throughout the year.

What are the Illinois chapter’s plans for the future?
We’re planning to roll out a number of initiatives to extend our reach to include more area businesses and involve our members promote their businesses. This updated web site the first phase of plans to better leverage technology to reach a wider audience, facilitate communication among our members, and to put informational tools into the hands of the SDVOB community at large.