Membership FAQ

Why do you charge a membership fee?
As a non-profit, all-volunteer organization, we need membership dues to help fund the activities that enable our chapter to reach a wider audience and promote initiatives that benefit our members.

Do I have to have a service-connected disability to join?
We welcome every small business, and those who are interested in veteran business initiatives, to join Elite. The information we disseminate, and the activities we host, are of benefit to the small business community at large. While many of these resources are focused on Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses, the vast majority benefit businesses of every type, particularly if you are looking for information on ways to navigate the federal contracting space.

How can my business benefit from working with Elite?
Among the other benefits of joining a group of highly motivated people with common goals, Elite provides small business owners with access to informational and other resources aimed at helping its members to grow their businesses, break into the federal contracting arena, and promote veteran-centered interests.

How large is Elite?
Elite is the country’s largest Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business Organization, with chapters across the country. We are a national organization represented by virtually every type of business.